Teaching Money Virginia

Review Team

Once a resource is submitted and hard copies received if not available electronically, representatives from the following organizations are available to consider whether it meets the resource criteria for posting.


            Center for Economic Education at Lynchburg College

            Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

            Virginia Association for Marketing Educators

            Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences

            Virginia Business Education Association

            Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Economic Education 

            Virginia Consortium of Social Studies Specialists and College Educators

            Virginia Council on Economic Education           

            Virginia Council for the Social Studies           

            Virginia Credit Union League

            Virginia Department of Education

            Virginia Tech Center for Economic Education   


Thanks to these organizations for their assistance in the review process. If you know qualified organizations or individuals who are willing to assist, please let the TeachingMoneyVA.org Administrator know.  


A curriculum resource will be listed if it meets the following criteria: 

          1.       Resource addresses one or more of Virginia’s Economic and Personal Finance Standards of Learning (SOL) for high school students.

          2.       The title, a brief description, provider contact information, and applicable SOL are provided. 

          3.       Resource is objective in content and tone, and provides accurate information.

          4.       Resource does not promote any particular financial product, service or company.

          5.       Content is appropriate for high school students.

          6.       Resource promotes critical thinking skills, decision-making and behavior change.

Textbooks are not included.

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