Teaching Money Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What detailed information is provided for each curriculum resource?

TeachingMoneyVA.org was created to provide a single listing of curriculum resources for possible use in the classroom. It is particularly designed for Virginia high school teachers teaching economics and/or personal finance. The following information is provided for each resource:

Brief description
Price: If “No Charge” is shown, it is free to teachers. Otherwise, price information can be found under "Resource Link" or “Access Information".

SOL: Indicates which of the 18 standards under Virginia’s Economics and Personal Finance (EPF) Standards of Learning (SOL) are covered in the resource, eg. EPF.16.

Concepts: Each of Virginia’s 18 Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning have been summarized in a few words as follows:

EPF.1  Basic economic concepts and structures
EPF.2  Role of producers and consumers in a market economy
EPF.3  Price system
EPF.4  Factors affecting income
EPF.5  Nation’s economic goals
EPF.6  United States’ financial system
EPF.7  Influence of monetary and fiscal policy
EPF.8  Role of government in a market economy
EPF.9  Global economy
EPF.10  Consumer skills
EPF.11  Planning for living and leisure expenses
EPF.12  Banking transactions
EPF.13  Credit and loans
EPF.14  Role of insurance in risk management
EPF.15  Income earning and reporting
EPF.16  Taxes
EPF.17  Personal financial planning
EPF.18  Investment and savings planning

Source/Sponsoring Organization: This is the organization providing the resource.

Resource Link:  This links directly to the resouce or to the sponsor's Web site.

Access Information: This includes additional information about the resource or how to obtain it.  

Type of Resource: These include:

  • Sequential Lesson Plans
  • Lesson Plan (a single lesson plan as opposed to a collection of lesson plans as found in
    “Sequential Lesson Plans”)
  • Speaker
  • Classroom Extension (includes competitions, online simulations, field trips and tours)
  • Other Resource (includes videos and data resources)

Textbooks are not included among the available resources.

2. What is the purpose of registering?

By registering, you have a unique account which allows you to

  • Collect a list of your favorites and
  • More easily add new resources and edit the ones you have already submitted.

If you are a teacher, we encourage you to put resources you find useful in your favorites. This will also help other teachers because these resources will be reflected as “liked".

The information you provide when you register will not be sold or distributed and will only be used for site-related purposes.

3. Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource using the Submit a Resource form if you believe it fits the criteria for inclusion on this Web site. We are interested in having an appropriate number of the highest quality resources.

Teachers: we encourage you to submit a resource that you have found particularly helpful in teaching your students.

4. Who decides whether a resource is posted on this Web site?

Once a resource is submitted and hard copies received if not available electronically, representatives from the following organizations are available to consider whether it meets the resource criteria for posting.

  • Center for Economic Education at Lynchburg College
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
  • Virginia Association for Teachers of Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Virginia Association of Marketing Educators
  • Virginia Business Education Association
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Center for Economic Education
  • Virginia Consortium of Social Studies Specialist and College Educators
  • Virginia Council for the Social Studies
  • Virginia Council on Economic Education
  • Virginia Credit Union League
  • Virginia Department of Education
  • Virginia Tech Center for Economic Education 

Thanks to these organizations for their assistance in the review process. If you know qualified organizations or individuals who are willing to assist, please let the TeachingMoneyVA.org Administrator know.

5. What are the criteria for deciding whether a resource is posted?

A curriculum resource will be listed on this Web site if complete information is provided on the
Submit a Resource form, and it meets the following criteria:

1. Resource addresses one or more of Virginia’s Economic and Personal Finance Standards of Learning (SOL) for high school students.
2. The title, a brief description, provider contact information, and applicable SOL are provided.
3. Resource is objective in content and tone, and provides accurate information.
4. Resource does not promote any particular financial product, service or company.
5. Content is appropriate for high school students.
6. Resource promotes critical thinking skills, decision-making and behavior change.

Textbooks are not included among the available resources.

6. Database Disclaimer

TeachingMoneyVA.org uses the above Resource Criteria as a guide in the selection of curriculum resources to be included in this database. All submissions are reviewed by the Review Team. Inclusion in the database does not constitute endorsement of the materials, and resource providers may not use this inclusion to imply approval or endorsement.

All submissions are accepted at the sole discretion of the Teaching MoneyVA.org Review Team. We reserve the right to decline a submission for any reason and do not comment on unsuccessful submissions.

TeachingMoneyVA.org or its partner organizations do not guaranty the accuracy of the information provided in these resources, the availability of these resources, or the user’s satisfaction with the resources.

7. How do I search for resources?

There are several search options. If searching by “keyword”, the search will cover the description language in all resources.

You can also search by SOL (which includes the 18 Economics and Personal Finance Standards of Learning) and/or Type of Resource, and/or by the Source/Sponsoring Organization which created or published the resource.  You can also search by multiple SOL.

If you check multiple SOL and/or other search options, the search will only identify resources that include ALL of the items checked.

8. How can I provide feedback?

We welcome any comments on a particular resource or feedback on how this Web site can be made most useful. Provide feedback here.

9. What type of information should I include in the resource description when submitting a resource?

Descriptions should be succinct but sufficiently detailed to provide a teacher with a good summary of the resource. Please include as much of the following information as possible when submitting a resource for review:

  • Specific topics/concepts covered, with key words to aid teachers’ search
  • Number of lessons or topics
  • Amount of classroom time required
  • Specifics about the type of resource, particularly for the “Other resource” type, e.g. video, presentation, simulation, chart, article
  • Availability in Spanish or other languages

10.What does "Most Liked" mean?

A resource is considered “liked” if a teacher has added it to his/her list of Favorites.